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Market-leading utilized arithmetic FOR THE MANAGERIAL, existence, AND SOCIAL SCIENCES, fifth variation, is a conventional textual content with a touch glossy consider. This new version accommodates know-how in one of these means that either conventional and glossy practitioners locate the help they should train successfully. carrying on with its culture of mathematical accuracy, the recent 5th version teaches by way of software and makes use of genuine and practical examples to encourage scholars. It combines sturdy thought with leading edge studying instruments, incorporates a powerful complement package deal, and gives unrivaled flexibility that makes the path effortless to educate. available for majors and non-majors alike, the booklet makes use of an intuitive technique that introduces summary thoughts via examples drawn from universal, real-life reviews to which scholars can relate. It additionally attracts functions from readers' fields of curiosity. moreover, insightful Portfolios spotlight the careers of actual humans and speak about how they comprise math into their specialist lives. a number of routines be sure scholars have an exceptional realizing of textual content innovations earlier than advancing to the following subject. Bringing robust assets to scholars' fingertips, the text's fascinating array of supplements--including more desirable WebAssign, answer movies, and private Tutor--equips scholars with large studying aid to assist them maximize their examine time.

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1 1 1 # x 1 xϩh Ϫ ϭ Ϫ # x x x xϩh xϩh xϩh xϩh x Ϫ ϭ x1x ϩ h 2 x1x ϩ h 2 LCD ϭ x(x ϩ h) xϪxϪh x1x ϩ h 2 h ϭϪ x1x ϩ h 2 ϭ Compound Fractions A fractional expression that contains fractions in its numerator and/or denominator is called a compound fraction. The techniques used to simplify rational expressions may be used to simplify these fractions. EXAMPLE 4 Simplify: 1 xϩ1 4 xϪ x 1ϩ a. 1 1 ϩ x y b. 1 1 Ϫ 2 x2 y Solution a. We first express the numerator and denominator of the given expression as a single quotient.

Several commonly used products of polynomials are summarized in Table 6. Since products of this type occur so frequently, you will find it helpful to memorize these formulas. TABLE 6 Special Products Formula 1. (a ϩ b)2 ϭ a2 ϩ 2ab ϩ b2 2. (a Ϫ b)2 ϭ a2 Ϫ 2ab ϩ b2 3. (a ϩ b)(a Ϫ b) ϭ a2 Ϫ b2 Illustration (2x ϩ 3y)2 ϭ (2x)2 ϩ 2(2x)(3y) ϩ (3y)2 ϭ 4x 2 ϩ 12xy ϩ 9y 2 2 (4x Ϫ 2y) ϭ (4x)2 Ϫ 2(4x)(2y) ϩ (2y)2 ϭ 16x 2 Ϫ 16xy ϩ 4y 2 (2x ϩ y)(2x Ϫ y) ϭ (2x)2 Ϫ ( y)2 ϭ 4x 2 Ϫ y2 12 1 FUNDAMENTALS OF ALGEBRA EXAMPLE 7 Use the special product formulas to compute: a.

To solve an equation is synonymous with finding its solution set. The standard procedure for solving an equation is to transform the given equation, using an appropriate operation, into an equivalent equation—that is, one having exactly the same solution(s) as the original equation. The transformations are repeated if necessary until the solution(s) are easily read off. The following properties of real numbers can be used to produce equivalent equations. Equality Properties of Real Numbers Let a, b, and c be real numbers.

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