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By Robert Irvin Curtis

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This article discusses strategies in nutrients processing and maintenance from the palaeolithic interval via to the overdue Roman Empire. It considers the indispensable position meals expertise performed within the political, financial, and social textile of historic society.

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Habilis sensu stricto, II. rudolfensis, a n d II. ergaster. , B e r n a r d W o o d , " O r i g i n a n d Evolution of t h e G e n u s Homo" Nature 3 5 5 (27 F e b . 1992): 7 8 3 90; i d e m , " E a r l y H o m i n i d Species a n d S p e c i a t i o n , " JHumEvol 22 (1992): 351 65; Daniel L. Lieberm a n , B e r n a r d A. W o o d , a n d David R. P i l b e a m , " H o m o p l a s y a n d Early Homo: a n Analysis of the E v o l u t i o n a r y R e l a t i o n s h i p s of II. habilis sensu stricto a n d II.

To about 10,000 years B. P. By convention, these arc further subdivided into Early, or Lower, Paleolithic, Middle Paleolithic, and Late, or Upper, Paleolithic. T h e term "Stone Age" has been attached to archaeological time sequences to distinguish tool development in Sub-Saharan Africa from what transpired in Europe and Eurasia. T h e division points are roughly identical, except that the Middle Stone Age began about 100,000 years earlier than the Middle Paleolithic. T h e final 10,000 years, roughly 20,000 10,500 B.

M c H e n r y , " N e w E s t i m a t e s of B o d y W e i g h t in Early H o m i n i d s a n d T h e i r Signific a n c e to E n c e p h a l i z a t i o n a n d M c g a d o n t i a in ' R o b u s t ' A u s t r a l o p i t h e c i n e s , " in Evolutionary History, THF, ! ( ) W E R AND MIDDLE PALEOLITHIC PERIODS ‫כ‬ postcranial elements show marked changes. Homo developed a more efficient t h u m b placement on his hand, thereby allowing for increased grasping and manipulation skills. He differed significantly as well from the more ape-like australopithecines in bone structure of the shoulders, rib cage, and waist, so that the bipedalism of Homo was more agile and quick.

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