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Not only in the sense that he makes history \fa la storia], but also in the sense that he interprets the past by acting in the present \operando nel presented" so that "the historian" is also "a political actor \un politico] and in this sense ... " The interpretation of the past (as well as the present) and the acting in the present, though it is always possible to differentiate them analytically and abstractly, are necessary moments or aspects of one and the same "event" or phenomenon. These two moments together constitute the event as a total and concrete Croce and Gramsci: From Philosophy to Politics "act," which is in itself an aspect of the realta etfettiva.

Luther and Marx attempted to penetrate into the people, a project that to Croce can only result in the decay and vulgarization of thought and culture. Gramsci accepts the distinction between the Renaissance and the Reformation, but in the process he redefines the relationship between the two, and with this redefinition presents not only a critique of the Crocean view of the Reformation and all similarly popular movements, but also outlines his own interpretation, which points toward the integration of these Crocean opposites.

The hierarchy represented a past and a present antithetical and irremediably opposed to the truly Christian notion of the community of the saved—the people as the community of the faithful. 4 The attack on tradition, and the recapturing of the past in terms of the retranslation—both literally and exegetically—of the sacred texts, also revealed the church as the negation of the Christian mission. Such an undertaking stressed the gulf that separated the culture of the priests from that of the people in order to eliminate and replace it with the new conception that saw the unity and community of the congregation of the faithful.

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