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Quantity one among Anarchism: A Documentary background of Libertarian rules, is a finished and much ranging choice of anarchist writings from the feudal period (300) to 1939. Edited and brought by means of famous anarchist pupil Robert Graham, the gathering will comprise the definitive texts from the anarchist culture of political suggestion, starting with many of the earliest writings from China and Europe opposed to feudal servitude and authority.

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The State and the political and economic institutions it supports can exist only by fashioning the individual to their particular purpose; training him to respect "law and order;" teaching him obedience, submission and unquestioning faith in the wisdom and justice of government; above all, loyal service and complete self-sacrifice when the State commands it, as in war. The State puts itself and its in­ terests even above the claims of religion and of God . It punishes religious or consci­ entious scruples against [authority) because there is no individuality without liberty, and liberty is the greatest menace to authority.

TO ALL INTELLECI1JAL AND MANUAL WORKERS AT A TIME WHEN HUMANITY, LED BY MADMEN, strivers and hypocrites, is collapsing under the repeated blows of greedy profiteers of all sorts, we are once again making a sincere appeal to all reasonable and practical individuals to try to avoid total de­ struction and to take advantage of the present chaos to turn their efforts toward a ra­ tional and humane form of social organization. It is undeniably the fault of all governments that the blood of workers has been flowing i n torrents i n all countries for three years .

Will be as evil as private capitalism. This will be the global order, unless the workers of the whole world unite from now on to plant the flag of social revolution in the chaos that surrounds us. What must we do to accomplish this? First. we need to utilize the natural tendency of the people toward continental unity through the federation of the countries of each con­ tinent. We need to develop ties of solidarity between the continents and give to these ties a functional form through the constitution of a true League of Peoples.

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