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By Sharon Salzburg

ISBN-10: 1570624283

ISBN-13: 9781570624285

The Buddhist teachings have the ability to remodel our lives for the higher, says Sharon Salzberg, and all we have to result in this alteration are available within the usual occasions of our daily reports. Salzberg distills greater than twenty-five years of educating and training meditation right into a sequence of brief essays, wealthy with anecdotes and private revelations, that supply real reduction and luxury for someone at the religious direction. Many probability moments, either small and profound, function the root for Salzberg's teachings: listening to a industry stall hawker calling "I have what you need!"; noting resort guests' reactions to a dead night fireplace alarm; gazing her instructor, Dipa Ma, bless a belligerent puppy; seeing the Dalai Lama guffawing uproariously at his personal mistake. every one passing second, Salzberg indicates, may help us down the trail towards "a seamlessness of connection and an unbounded heart."

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Ȕ zȔ Ȕ  ȔȔȔ !  Ȕ  Ȕ Ȕ Ȕ ! Ȕ@Ȕ Ȕ  Ȕ ȔȔ ȔȔB Ȕ ! /Ȕ &T Ȕ !   Ȕ Ȕ 2  3Ȕ ! /Ȕ &T Ȕ! Ȕ Ȕ O "   @ E O  C O L '   O  C O E ! M†MÍ T²’T˜˜T˜Í o›Í ›lT’TÍ M’TÍ ˜Í †MŠ¸Í ›lT’Í T~TÍ oŠÍ ›lo˜Í ®’|SÍ o›Í ˜o†|¸Í †MzT˜Í ˜TŠ˜TÍ ›Í †MzTÍ ›lTo’Í lMoŠT˜˜Í M˜Í o†’›MŠ›Í M˜Í ¥’Í ®ŠÍ OTRM¥˜TÍ ›lTŠÍ ¥’Í RlMŠRT˜ÍVÍST~ohl›Í M’TÍTŠlMŠRTS͘o²Í Oo||oŠÍ›Í ŠTÍGl˜TÍ E #  O C < ' @ ' EO :  O 7   ' E  E 0 : 8 O   O Ȕ Ȕ  Ȕ  Ȕ TȔ Ȕ  "Ȕ ȔȔ "Ȕ Ȕ Ȕ  " Ȕ Ȕ Ȕ %  "Ȕ Ȕ  "Ȕ Ȕ  Ȕ +Ȕ5Ȕ  Ȕ  ȔȔ Ȕ "1Ȕ )Ȕ Ȕ :  Ȕ|"  Ȕ "Ȕ I "" Ȕ " Ȕ"Ȕ Ȕ  Ȕ  Ȕ Ȕ "KȔ RȔȔ Ȕ 1Ȕ )"Ȕ "Ȕ P Ȕ Ȕ  " Ȕ Ȕ ȔI ""Ȕ "Ȕ Ȕ Ȕ Ȕ &Ȕ "Ȕ  "Ȕ " Ȕ Ȕ" Ȕ Ȕ Ȕ Ȕ   Ȕ Ȕ  Ȕ "Ȕ  "Ȕ  Ȕ  Ȕ   Ȕ Ȕ  Ȕ Ȕ "Ȕ Ȕ  "7 Ȕ  "Ȕ Ȕ "Ȕ   Ȕ  Ȕ "Ȕ    Ȕ  Ȕ "Ȕ  ȔRȔ Ȕ"Ȕ   Ȕ)" Ȕ"Ȕ K  Ȕ Ȕ Ȕ Ȕ :  Ȕ |"  Ȕ Ȕ Ȕ  ¡  Ȕ 5"Ȕ I "" Ȕ Ȕ  Ȕ KȔ R" "Ȕ  Ȕ Ȕ Ȕ Ȕ Ȕ K"Ȕ"Ȕ %   Ȕ  Ȕ  "  ȔȔ Ȕ Ȕ Ȕ Ȕ Ȕ"Ȕ%" +Ȕ5Ȕ  ȔKȔ  ȉ "Ȕ Ȕ  Ȕ  Ȕ Ȕ Ȕ GȔ  Ȕ Ȕ Ȕ  " Ȕ  Ȕ  "ȔȔȔ ȔȔȔGȔȊ Ȕ Ȕ "Ȕ K"Ȕ 5Ȕ  Ȕ KȔ  " Ȕ BȔ  ȔȔȔ " ȔȔ Ȕ   ȔȔ"Ȕ TÙȔȔ " Ȕ I "" Ȕ Ȕ  Ȕ  "Ȕ Ȕ  Ȕ Ȕ   Ȕ Ȕ Ȕ Ȕ Ȕ  Ȕ Ȕ Ȕ  Ȕ Ȕ "Ȕ Ȕ "Ȕ Ȕ Ȕ Ȕ D"Ȕ "Ȕ  "Ȕ " "Ȕ Ȕ "7 "Ȕ " Ȕ 2D"Ȕ "%Ȕ Ȕ  "Ȕ D"Ȕ"Ȕ Ȕ Ȕ ȔȔ  Ȕ ""+Ȕ :Ȕ    Ȕ Ȕ  „" Ȕ Ȕ   Ȕ  Ȕ Ȕ Ȕ "Ȕ  Ȕ zȔ  Ȕ Ȕ  Ȕ " Ȕ Ȕ  " Ȕ Ȕ  Ȕ Ȕ  Ȕ ď Ȕ Ȕ " " Ȕ Ȕ  Ȕ Ȕ  Ȕ ƯȔ Ȕ  " Ȕ Ȕ "" Ȕ"Ȕ "Ȕ  Ȕ "Ȕ "%Ȕ Ȕ P  " 3 Ȕ)"Ȕ "Ȕ Ȕ " Ȕ ȔI ""Ȕ 5Ȕ  Ȕ " Ȕ "Ȕ 0 " Ȕ  Ȕ Ȕ  Ȕ Ȕ "Ȕ Ȕ Ȕ Ȕ Ȕ Ȕ   Ȕ ȔȔ  " Ȕ  "+Ȕ Ó"%Ȕ Ȕ N" Ȕ A Ȕ  Ȕ Ȕ 2@ 3Ȕś" Ȕ Ȕ @ Ȕ Ȕ RP ȔȔ g ȔȔ /Ȕ O " ?

O K : ? ȔȔ ȔnȔȔ  %Ȕ  ȔȔȔ 
<ȔP <Ȕ  Ȕ    <Ȕ ȔȔ0 Ȕ Ȕ   <Ȕ    <Ȕ Ȕ  /Ȕ )Ȕ Ȕ Ȕ Ȕ Ȕ F Ȕ A F ȔȔ Ȕ  nȔ  Ȕ Ȕ  Ȕ  P â Ȕ Ȕ @  /Ȕ )  <Ȕ Ȕ I Ȕ Ȕ  F ȔȔ   ȔȔ  Ȕ Ȕ ȔȔȔ Ȕ Ȕ %Ȕ Ȕ  Ȕ Ȕ  Ȕ  Ȕ Ȕ Ȕ Ȕ Ȕ  %Ȕ D@  Ȕ  Ȕ Ȕ %Ȕ Ȕ %Ȕ  Ȕ E "O C < ' ?

E O  C O L & O  C O E 1  O L ; ? 7,S96'S &Ȕ    $ !   $   $ $ ! ȔȔ  Ȕ "%Ȕ Ȕ Ȕ "Ȕ    Ȕ Ȕ    SȔ SȔ Ȕ E Ȕ  Ȕ O #   ? E O  C O K ' O  C O E ! O K : ? ȔȔ ȔnȔȔ  %Ȕ  ȔȔȔ 
<ȔP <Ȕ  Ȕ    <Ȕ ȔȔ0 Ȕ Ȕ   <Ȕ    <Ȕ Ȕ  /Ȕ )Ȕ Ȕ Ȕ Ȕ Ȕ F Ȕ A F ȔȔ Ȕ  nȔ  Ȕ Ȕ  Ȕ  P â Ȕ Ȕ @  /Ȕ )  <Ȕ Ȕ I Ȕ Ȕ  F ȔȔ   ȔȔ  Ȕ Ȕ ȔȔȔ Ȕ Ȕ %Ȕ Ȕ  Ȕ Ȕ  Ȕ  Ȕ Ȕ Ȕ Ȕ Ȕ  %Ȕ D@  Ȕ  Ȕ Ȕ %Ȕ Ȕ %Ȕ  Ȕ E "O C < ' ?

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